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Businessland Hungary

Hungary is usually associated throughout the world with brilliant minds, creativity, loyal and talented workforce, hospitality, miracle-working thermal waters and spas, a lively cultural life and, of course, culinary delights. It’s no wonder!

Hungary offers countless benefits for short term and long term visitors as well as those who wish to settle down in the country permanently. Perhaps one of the most important benefits offered by Hungary is its location in the heart of Europe – both physically and in historical, geographical, cultural and economic terms. North, South, East and West are all within easy reach. Hungary can serve as a basis for further expansion to investors who are looking further afield and are planning large-scale business development, including those coming from distant countries and wish to seize European markets. Following Hungary’s accession to the European Union, businesses settling here become part of the overall EU market comprising over 500 million people.

Hungary’s excellent geographical location is a natural gift which matters a lot but would not be enough for long-term success without human contributions. Throughout the centuries Hungary’s inhabitants have learnt to make the best of the country’s rich lands, few but valuable natural resources, strategically located roads and waterways. Hungarians have proved great survivors through the many calamities of their country’s history partly due to their legendary resourcefulness and creativity.

The quality of life that Hungary offers to foreign investors and employees in Budapest and throughout the country is an important factor when businesses consider locating here. Expats working in Hungary for extended periods have not been disappointed: they have found living in Hungary pleasant and Budapest exciting and less expensive than other major European capitals. Moreover, the country boasts a rich and internationally recognised culture, distinctive cuisine, superb wines, a spa tradition stretching back centuries, excellent international schools (Chinese, American, British, and Japanese for example) and countless leisure activities, such as golf courses, and rich cultural life.